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01.12.15 Проведение холл-тестов в г. Челябинск

В нашем распоряжении появилось собственное помещение для проведения холл-тестов в г. Челябинск. Мы находимся в центре Челябинска в наиболее проходимой части ул. Кирова (Кировка). Комфортные условия позволяют проводить тестирование различных товаров или рекламных материалов в специально отведенном месте с привлечением большого количества респондентов. Помещение соответствует требованиям для проведения тестов с дегустацией. Предусмотрена возможность организации демонстрационной «витрины». Имеется 7 ноутбуков для проведения CAWI и CAPI опросов. Высокоскоростной доступ в Интернет (Wi-Fi). По запросу, готовы предоставить фотографии помещения.

25.10.15 Конгресс исследовательских агентств «NEW RESEARCH VISION 2015»

Директор маркетингового агентства Lite group Дмитрий Горбатов принял участие в работе очередного съезда маркетинговых и исследовательских агентств России, проходившего с 19 по 23 октября 2015 в г. Москва.

Конгресс профессионалов маркетинговой и исследовательской индустрии NRV – самое масштабное мероприятие исследовательской отрасли в России.

What we do

All marketing researches carried out by our agency, can be divided into 2 following groups:

1.“Full cycle” marketing research

Most of the tasks related to our “full cycle” marketing researches, are following:

  • To evaluate market volume and market potential
  • To research how popular is the brand and how easy is to recognise it within the market
  • To test the product packaging and its promotional materials
  • To identify and describe target consumer groups
  • To study how frequently is the product purchased
  • To study customers loyalty and satisfaction
  • To study the influence of the product features on customers decision to purchase it
  • To assess your competitors
  • To research your competitors pricing policy
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the sales promotions
  • To study how well is the product presented within its market
  • To identify the range of the product retail prices in different shopping outlets
  • To evaluate the product/brand market share in the retail outlet (how many items will be sold and the product/brand total sale value)
  • To research competitors prices

Project stages:

  1. After a meeting with a client, we identify the issue, according to the request or technical task received
  2. Initial market data collection
  3. Preparing a business proposal, this describes the goals and objectives of a study, as well as the proposed methodology, cost and time-line of a study.
  4. Secondary market data collection (office based)
  5. To formulate hypothesis for a study
  6. To develop the study tools (questionnaire, quotas, forms, itinerary, contacts list, etc.).
  7. Data collection
  8. Received data control
  9. Data entry
  10. Received data analysis
  11. To present the results of a study to a customer

2. “Field work”

Considerable part of our researches are the projects, where our agency needs to organise “field work” for our Partners, which forms the part of a larger marketing research

We are proud to be the long-term partners of the leading Russian and international research centers. You can see the list of our partners companies in the "Our Partners" section.

In order to ensure high quality of a “field work” in our company, we have developed a system to recruit and train the “field staff” (interviewers, mystery shoppers, recruiters) - from the beginners to the experienced interviewers.

    Some of the principles of the “field work”:
  • Efficiency: we respond within 1 hour from the clients request
  • Transparency: in case if a fault is found - 100% of the task is redone and if it effects the project time-line, the customer will be informed
  • Control: 100% of the questionnaires are subject to a visual inspection, at least 50% of the questionnaires are checked by a telephone number or an address
  • Time-line: all projects are completed in time