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01.12.15 Проведение холл-тестов в г. Челябинск

В нашем распоряжении появилось собственное помещение для проведения холл-тестов в г. Челябинск. Мы находимся в центре Челябинска в наиболее проходимой части ул. Кирова (Кировка). Комфортные условия позволяют проводить тестирование различных товаров или рекламных материалов в специально отведенном месте с привлечением большого количества респондентов. Помещение соответствует требованиям для проведения тестов с дегустацией. Предусмотрена возможность организации демонстрационной «витрины». Имеется 7 ноутбуков для проведения CAWI и CAPI опросов. Высокоскоростной доступ в Интернет (Wi-Fi). По запросу, готовы предоставить фотографии помещения.

25.10.15 Конгресс исследовательских агентств «NEW RESEARCH VISION 2015»

Директор маркетингового агентства Lite group Дмитрий Горбатов принял участие в работе очередного съезда маркетинговых и исследовательских агентств России, проходившего с 19 по 23 октября 2015 в г. Москва.

Конгресс профессионалов маркетинговой и исследовательской индустрии NRV – самое масштабное мероприятие исследовательской отрасли в России.



Our partnership with a marketing research agency Lite group has started in 2004 and is still continuing. Throughout this period, we have built partnership with the company team.
We would like to point out following: swift project planning; researches were carried out in an efficient manner and completed in time.
During researches, Lite group experts have been using right tools and techniques throughout all partnership projects, whether it was a choice of focus group, qualitative interview or expert led interview.
We are hoping for a future productive partnership.

Vlasova Elena
Marketing Specialist
(351) 280-48-41

Uralcement (Lafarge Russia)

During our partnership with Lite group, I would like to note that all tasks for the research projects were carried out with a competent approach. Our company was pleased with the quality of the conducted researches.
We would like to express our gratitude to all agency members of staff, who took part in this project.

Victoriya Osipova
The Head of Marketing dep.
Uralcement (Lafarge Russia)
(35152) 3-37-61

Shoes company "Tervollina"

Marketing research company Lite group is the most competent and professional company of it’s kind in Chelyabinsk city and it’s region. Lite group provides it’s customers with a high quality marketing researches, thanks to multi level quality control. “Clear data” – is the moto of this company.
Every customer feels confident to receive the quality result. By choosing Lite group company, I have acquired long term professional partner. Our company carries out researches on regular basis and I always come across different approaches used by Russian marketing research companies.
Lite group is using the most effective tools and techniques and guarantees 100% result.

Golovkin Vadim
Marketing Director
Shoes company "Tervollina"
тел: (495) 937-39-55

Cersanit Russia

Cersanit would like to thank Lite group for carrying out professional marketing research. Lite group team has proven its practicality and determination to complete tasks during marketing research.
Despite complexity of the tasks set by us, all researches have been carried out in time and in a professional manner. We would highly recommend you Lite group.

Vasilev Sergei
Marketing Director
Cersanit Russia
(495) 777 29 94

“Uvelka” Grain Manufacture Company

Throughout our partnership period, Lite group company has proved itself as professional partner, committed to prioritise its customer interests.
Especially we would like to note accuracy when dealing with primary data collection and techniques to control data quality. We would like to thank the team for the work which has been done.

Kolomiec Alexander
Executive of The development dept.
“Uvelka” grain Manufacture Company
tel: (35166) 3-15-59

Evrookno company

We would like to thank Lite group for providing us with quality marketing researches. Based on our partnership experience we would like recommend this company as professional and reliable partner.

Trimurich Inga
The Head of marketing dep.
Evrookno company
(351) 290-74-59