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In order to obtain detailedinformation about market and its dynamics, or specifics of its supply and demand, we use whole range of tools and techniques.

The most valuable data sources (primary data sources) are: consumers and retailers; data can also be outsourced fromdocumented data– market experts, customs statistics, ROSSTAT(Federal State Statistics Service),businesses’ associations data sources, major companies data and so on (these are secondary data sources)

Data collection methods used by Lite group can be divided into following:

Quantitative research methods

  1. Paper and Pencil Interviewing (PAPI), including:
    Street Interviewing
    Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI)
  2. Phone Interviewing
  3. Mail surveys
  4. Logbook based surveys
  5. Cohort studies
  6. Computer Assisted Web Interviewing
  7. Internet based Interviewing

Qualitative research methods:

  1. 1. Use of focus-groups, including
    Mini focus-groups (4-6 people)
    Standard focus-groups (8 people)
    Large focus-groups(10 people)
  2. Dual – triple interview
  3. Detailed interview (duration 20-60 min)
  4. Expert lead interview
  5. hall-test (холл-тест)
  6. Use of “Mystery shopping” tool

Also use of survey,
based on consumer goods audit in shops
Use of exit poll survey


We are certain that effective business solutions can only be based on accurate quality data. Mistakes and miscalculations, which happened during data collection period, can lead to wrong market decisions and failures in a marketing performance. We have developed effective technology to monitor quality of the collected data. Thanks to this technology we can guarantee our Customers, that our data is accurate and reliable.

  • Pre- field control:
    - Questionnaire pilot study 
    - Interviewersare instructed thoroughly
  • Field control:
    -Interviews in streets and shops: open/hidden monitoring
    -Hall tests: supervisor always attends interview 
    -Households interviews and home tests: repeat visit to a respondent
  • Visual check of questionnaires, when they are filled in and handed in
    -Check overall appearance
    -Check accuracy of each questionnaire
    -Check logics of each questionnaire
  • Phone interview data control
    - Repeating of the short interview
        Checking of following: 
    •     Respondent is present at the phone number, which was used previously
    • Respondent was recruited correctly
    • Interview method was chosen accordingly
    • Interview was carried out correctly (respondent was shown samples/forms and was asked all questions)

methods to recruit focus group participants

Recruitment process is managed by interviewers and controlled by a project leader. The main target is to provide focus group with participants, who are chosen according to a research project and any methodical limitations.

    Our company implements different methods to recruit participants for focus groups:
  1. Recruitmentin shopping centres and any other places, where you can meet lots of people
  2. Participants are recruited at locations, where specific products/services are sold
  3. “Snowball sampling” method (however the whole process is organised to ensure that participants don’t know each other)
  4. Use of various databases 
  5. Each focus-group consists of at least 12 participants. Before focus group starts, all participants take part in a filtering questionnaire (screening test), this allows selecting participants, who are best for the specific focus group.