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Some about Lite Group

Marketing agency Lite group, Chelyabinsk city

Established in 2003, independent market and sociological research agency Lite group is one of the leading agencies in the Ural region.

Lite group offers full range of market researches, such as: consumer goods research, business to business marketing research, if also offers market segmentation research, based on quantitative and qualitative methods as well as use of unique research techniques developed specifically for the client’s task.

    Lite group key principles:
  • Transparency. One of the main work principles of our agency is a maximum transparency of the research process. Our Clients can monitor and control the research throughout the whole process.
  • Reliability.As a Lite Group customer, you may be rest assured that our company is going to complete the task thoroughly in the time frame set up by you.
  • Flexibility.Constant feedback enables us to adjust goals and objectives throughout the whole working process and research planning

All our actions are aimed to solve our Clients’ inquires in a good time frame and within the budget planned.

Throughout more than 10 years of our history, Lite group agency established itself as reliable and responsible provider of marketing ideas for our clients, most of which are the largest regional manufactures of consumer goods and services.

One of our trends is partnership with some of the well-known research centres in Russia, for which we have been organizing regional market researches, as well as providing focus-groups and hall-tests research services in Chelyabinsk city.

In 2010, according to the informative website, marketing agency Lite group has won “Business-partner” award in the marketing agencies nomination for Chelyabinsk city.

Lite group marketing agency success is due to the team spirit and high quality of work of our researches. We are proud of our employees’ team spirit and their ability to react quickly to any task changes within the tight time scale.

Lite group achievements can be explained easily – our aim is to provide our clients with market research and the best customer service experience available.

Lite group agency has been constantly improving its techniques and is always open for partnership cooperation. Lite group complies strictly with ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research) standards, while following of impartiality and confidentiality rules.